Audio amplifier design and construction


  • Mechanical Engineering

  • CAD

  • Electronics integration

  • DFMA

  • Technical Documentation


  • Design, assembly strategy, CAD of the components and technical documentation for audio amplifier and integration of the electronic components with their interface panels.


  • The sheet metal components of the housing needed to accommodate the electronic parts forming the rear interface panel.

  • The front face component had to make space for the display and the control knobs while keeping the clean layout.

  • The casing must be well ventilated in the areas of internal heatsinks.


Bottom casing

Metal casing with the main electronic components integrated.


Top and bottom sheet metal covers assembly.

Front face

Extruded aluminum components with integrated control PCB and display.


Housing ventilation in the heatsink area.


Aluminum turned control knobs and anti-vibration legs design and assembly.

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