Bar code scanner for visually impaired users


  • Concept and ID

  • CAD

  • DFMA

  • Electronics integration

  • Technical Documentation


  • Product concept and ID followed by production ready design and CAD package along with technical documentation.

  • Tooling and production process support.


  • The product design need to meet the special needs of the user – to ensure comfortable grip and easy access of the controls and ports with sufficient tactile feedback while providing shock resistant accommodation of the sensitive electronic components.



The product enclosure consist 2 TPU overmolded injection molded components. Both parts are missing undercuts.


The volume control is provided by turn knob that is exposed to be comfortably operated. The interface panel ports are marked for tactile feedback.


The keypad of the device is designed to provide super-long key travel and fast return. The keys are shaped to physically represent their function.


The speaker driver is suspension mounted. The shown compartment is fitting the scanning component which is also suspended on rubber grommets.

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